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Hangzhou again hair boutique hotel in both Chinese and English books

Date: 2018-02-04

In hangzhou travel, see the west lake, qianjiang "big and beauty", might as well add some exquisite "taste" of hangzhou to travel.Boutique hotel because of its unique design and services, interpretation of "culture", become another travel experience.Glimpses the launch "micro hangzhou", "hangzhou after the books, such as yesterday, the municipal committee, editor of" the peace place objects - hangzhou boutique hotel "published, in both Chinese and English two versions of the album to guide more people entered the hangzhou, experience in the hotel in hangzhou of" small but beautiful ".

Hangzhou boutique hotel book project is a municipal committee in 2017 planning key tourist publicity project, joint commercial press) published.After joint efforts, finally complete the peace place - Hangzhou Boutique hotel objects "(Chinese version), the Homes away from home: Hangzhou Boutique Hotels, two versions (English version) books, comprehensive display Hangzhou Boutique hotel.At present, the book has been in the national English major bookstores and the commercial press day cat, jingdong, synchronization on amazon's flagship store sales.Electronic books will also be early February in the amazon platform synchronous online.

"The launch of the boutique hotel book, hope that through this model to guide tourists know not the same as hangzhou, feel the beauty of hangzhou travel details.Have star service at the same time, the boutique hotel also has the local cultural characteristics, in hangzhou through the details to show visitors the high-grade hotel hangzhou formats and vibrant city image."Municipal committee, director of the center for tourism image to promote Ye Hong said.

Armes, deputy director of the municipal committee, said: "boutique hotel, popular in the west, the hotel form was born in China in recent years.Chosen the theme of boutique hotel, is hopes that by the international hotel form of cognitive concepts and full of personality, described hangzhou as the innovation and development in the emerging international tourist city, passed hangzhou greet visitors to the world of inclusive, self-confidence and delicate feeling."