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By studying the case of web celebrity out to sea, also can make tourism industry explosion 'sea'

Date: 2019-12-29

Recently, the domestic video blogger in offshore platform fire phenomenon caused a heated debate, more representative is plum and pure.From 2016 began filming food video, plum and pure in the context of Chinese landscape, often in their own farmers plow their fields in small courtyard, chopping wood, paper, wine, cooking, no lines and the narrator, in Google's YouTube on winning on the hearts of 7.84 million fans at home and abroad.

Plum and pure in domestic brokerage team for the science and technology to read, its offshore platform operation, publicity by YouTube cooperative Multi - Channel Network (MCN) WebTVAsia grape child is responsible for the company.The MCN is a video platform cooperation organization, can provide a wide range of video management and operational services, such as expanding audience, video content, video creators cooperation, rights management, etc.

Besides plum and pure WebTVAsia grape seed in domestic also signed exclusive output overseas 600 content creators.

"Although the plums and pure no direct appeal to overseas users to visit China, but her influence was profound, is subtle., on the other hand, more emphasis on tourist class KOL was hatching, plums and pure may not, but the KOL's influence may be able to domestic tourism enterprises with some overseas marketing of new ideas."WebTVAsia grape seed in the greater China CEO Li Hualin summary.

Home video blogger sail to success

In global tour - 2019 Air China marketing summit, Google, according to China's aviation industry director Zhang Yanzeng currently YouTube covers 73 countries and regions, live in 2 billion, the content of the cumulative 500 hours per minute.

Under such a vast amount of data, there is no lack of food class video."On the tip of the tongue of China" and "food in eight directions, etc are broadcast on YouTube, but the popularity of plums and pure.

Li Hualin analysis, plum and pure, although in the domestic brokerage team, but from the photograph, and their production, subject, content, all, very strict with video.From the content point of view, the content of the plums and pure without any language, but can use cooking fire, cut bamboo, such as sound interesting, for overseas users to watch without the language barrier.In the picture, in the design of the dress is very elegant.

"Big difference is that for customers at home and abroad, overseas users is more direct, like interesting fun but there's connotation, don't like too much food, formally introduce tourist attractions.Many domestic enterprises in the overseas marketing with domestic thinking when they do, the results video viewing habits don't conform to the overseas users."

As plum widely spread overseas MCN WebTVAsia grapes will be according to the overseas user preferences and used to add a title and English subtitles.Also overseas comments were collected for analysis, tell where plum and pure, a point which overseas users enjoy the most, is conducive to improve next time.

Next, WebTVAsia grape seed preparation, and the world's top 20 MCN company reached a strategic cooperation, to push each other each other's big V way for plum retailer, to strengthen the understanding of the United States and Europe recognition.

Future, WebTVAsia grapestone KOL hatch will be more emphasis on tourism, such as ground shop + eat play stolen on social, historical explanation + tourism boom "yuan", travel + eat play "big stomach king mini", hope to be able to produce another phenomenal KOL."May be someone it's hard to imagine why so many people love to listen to overseas yuan off about history, even so will want to come see the cultural heritage of the imperial palace, but that's the beauty of the KOL."

YouTube's influence cannot be ignored

MCN has been a YouTube content is an important link in the process of ecology.YouTube through tutoring creators do content output and cash business, from advertising.For the MCN and KOL, through YouTube this big platform can quickly increase the accumulation of fans.

Li Hualin think YouTube's advantage lies in its broad boundaries."On the one hand, overseas users, especially young people on YouTube is too familiar with.YouTube users, on the other hand, broad portrait, for different types of KOL can find their own audience."

WebTVAsia grape seed is a group of cooperation in the early years of the YouTube MCN company, developed with the platform.

"How to get a better resources, how to take the headline was optimized, how to improve the traffic and so on, they will give us feedback at any time, plus the Youtube data and algorithm of the background transparent, and more clear to our operation.But is not the same as domestic, domestic platform selection, market competition is intense, style diversity, for the content or MCN company operations will have certain challenges."