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Hangzhou xianghu lake realizing a complete coverage of 5 g acceleration build 5 g smart scenic spot

Date: 2019-11-19

According to xianghu lake management committee to provide, at present, xianghu lake has built 34 5 g base stations, realizes from xiang pu road, bridge across lake scenic spot, meditate on the lotus, zhuang city mountain scenic area, the tiger cave scenic area, financial town blocks such landmarks as the slow life, until the kaiyuan mooring paradise, 5 g signal full coverage of the scenic spot.

Compared with the traditional 4 g base stations, the bearing capacity of 5 g base stations have greatly improved, 2 ~ 3 times for 4 g state of the user to provide stable, high-speed Internet service, can guarantee the network quality of scenic spots crowded circumstances.

As early as April 23, xianghu lake national tourism resort area management committee has with China mobile xiaoshan branch will accelerate the construction of "digital xianghu lake" signed a strategic cooperation agreement.According to the agreement, the two sides will in 5 g application and management, wisdom, wisdom, marketing and so on four big aspects to carry out comprehensive, deep strategic cooperation.These activities within the xianghu lake, 5 g technology has been applied.

At the end of October of xianghu lake international half marathon events, the marathon and 5 g technology bring to the audience with a "high level" appearance "high-tech" and 5 g marathon feast.

Interact with intelligent robot voice, q&a event information;5 g network high speed, low latency, real-time broadcast events;5 g rescue helmets guarantee real-time field rescue audio-visual marathon competition, effective transfer, provide more professional medical...The application for the contestants with watching the crowds, brought new viewing experience and interactive experience.

In early April, 5 g intelligent snatched driverless car xianghu lake.Fusion as the first domestic mobile 5 g remote driving technology level of L4 self-driving cars, it not only has automatic driving ability, including tracking autopilot, pedestrian recognition and dynamic obstacle avoidance, regional dynamic speed limit, traffic lights, traffic, such as over-the-horizon, vehicle dynamic scheduling scenarios, at the same time also has the function of remote driving, according to the scene needs, complete automatic, remote real-time driving over, and made the background of the function of the monitor and management scenarios.

The next stage, xianghu lake national tourism resort area management committee will push depth of 5 g network coverage, incarnation smart scenic area, 5 g to 5 g technology continues to enrich contents of tourism, history and culture, demonstrates the profiles of the scenic spot, improve tourist experience, and inspire creativity, based on the unmanned vehicle under the 5 g network transfers, AR panoramic monitor, AR travel guide, multi-function wisdom light pole, patrolling robots, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) service, VR all-round experience, innovative applications such as hd holographic cinema would emerge in xiang lake, tourists will enjoy a higher quality in hunan lake tourism experience.